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I am Ragavan Srinivasan, happy father and husband. I was born in Bombay and grew up all over Southern India. After finishing my Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, I came to the US in 1999. I have been living here since then, but still long for India. I currently work for Mozilla Labs as a Product/Program Manager, focused primarily on the Weave project. Our project explores how to build rich, personalized web experiences for users. It’s a dream job. Previously, I’ve worked at VMware and HP, where I conceived and helped launch the FOSSBazaar project.

Besides my family, I have a lot of other interests, most of which I am passionate about.

I love technology, both building it and perhaps more importantly using it do good. I am particularly interested in open technologies, open source software.

I care deeply about education. Access to education. Good quality education. Education for all.

I’ve combined some of these passions to form a non-profit, Kids on Computers, with a few like minded friends. Through volunteer work, we set up computer labs running open source software for schools in developing countries.

I love music and listen to a lot of Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam movie songs. I like Carnatic music but not as much Hindustani. I also listen to some mainstream English music and have lately been developing a taste for classical music and opera.

I am a sports fan. Cricket, tennis and football (the *real* kind) mostly. I got interested in American Football some, but could never sit down and watch baseball or golf.


Written by ragavan

August 22, 2006 at 4:54 am

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